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Holistic foods for cats & dogs

We are

We are inspired by the creation of absolute pet food for long and happy years together with our pets. It’s not just what we do, it’s what we love.

Our rich in meat foods, crafted with natural hypoallergenic ingredients without ingredients often used in traditional foods to help our pets avoid food intolerance or allergies and provide their biological needs in meat nutrition for healthy living.

Our nutrition philosophy

Total body health begins with digestive health. We believe that every ingredient in food should have nutritional and functional purpose, be beneficial to our pets and satisfy biological need in meat nutrition.

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Our foods


Holistic nutrition with 65% meat,
limited ingredient list & live probiotics

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Holistic nutrition with 70% meat,
full of natural hypoallergenic ingredients

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Main advantages

  • 70% nutritious animal ingredients
  • Only fresh and gently dehydrated meat
  • Only pure protein from animal sources
  • Selected ingredients to prevent allergies
  • Helpful live Probiotics & Prebiotics

We don’t use in our foods:

corn, wheat, beet, peas, eggs, by-products, chicken, chicken fat, colorants, soy, flavors, preservatives.
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Daily health prevention

Our carefully selected, nutritional ingredients, help to prevent allergic reactions and food intolerance, providing immune and digestive health and excellent physical condition for healthy life of your pet.

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